Curriculum Information



We strive to ensure that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum that includes plenty of exciting learning opportunities to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills.  The children in Key Stage One will be taught Maths, Reading and Writing appropriate to the abilities in their own class. Children will also have daily phonics and handwriting lessons using the school’s cursive handwriting scheme.


To keep you updated and informed, you will receive parental overviews at the start of each half term. These will outline our new learning, including our history and geography which will be linked to our whole-school learning concept. The project overviews, class timetable, knowledge organisers and home-learning menus are also available for you to view on both our website and class dojo.



As a school, we are working towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award. This means that we actively discuss the children's rights with them and how this relates to how we behave. See our behaviour policy for more information.

As a class we also discuss and write our own class charter. See copy attached below.


Visible Learning

As part of our Visible Learning journey, our aim is to help develop pupil’s understanding of their own learning and of how to become more efficient learners. So, if your child comes home and tells you they have been in ‘The Learning Pit,’ don’t panic, it is all part of their learning.


To support the children in understanding, using and developing our learning sails we have visible learning characters who they can relate to. These are; Curious Clive, Self-aware Sophie, Connecting Connie, Resilient Tenacity Tom and reflective Ralph.


Pupils will become increasingly familiar with the 'learning sails' which contribute to making a good learner. Please take the opportunity to ask your child what these mean and when they have demonstrated them. (See below for more information)


Our School Mission Statement

Inspiring Passionate Life Long Learners


As a class we are committed to this by developing our ‘Learning Sails’ with Pupils:

  • Reflection

We ask all learners to give thought or consideration on their actions and learning.

  • Self-awareness

We encourage self-awareness and having a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings and learning. We encourage learners to know where they are with their learning and their next steps.

  • Curiosity

We inspire all learners to have strong desire to know or learn something, questioning their learning experiences to find out more.

  • Resilience and Tenacity

We promote the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or challenge. We encourage all to be very determined and show determination despite the challenge.

  • Connect

We promote learning where connections can be made, where children can relate new and old learning.  



Class Enrichments

Where possible, children will be engaged in enrichment activities throughout the year. In order to support and enhance their learning, we will plan opportunities that best match the learning in the classroom. This may include: enrichment days and trips. In order for trips to take place, we really appreciate and value parent help. 



Please ensure your child has their PE kit at all times. All items, including the bag, need to be labelled. In Year One, PE days are usually Wednesdays and Fridays.



Wild Tribe

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for Wild Tribe activities but there will be regular sessions for each year group at different times of the year. These sessions will take place on the first half term of the Autumn term for Year 2 and the first half of the Summer Term for Year 1. During these times, please make sure your child has a set of old clothes, a waterproof coat and a pair of wellies. There may also be other opportunities that we have to use the school garden and outdoor areas but we will contact you at the time if any additional clothing is required for these activities.

Summer Term 2 2021 - Culture - Beside the Seaside
Spring Term 2 2021 - Environmental - 'Walking in the Woods'
Spring Term 1 2021 - Civilisation and British Values - Kings and Queens
Autumn Term 2 2020 - Natural Elements - Continents and Oceans
Autumn Term 1 2020 - The Great Fire of London 


Phonics/spelling will be taught on a daily basis in ability groups. The emphasis will be on applying their phonic knowledge in reading and writing. Below is a list of the spellings that the children must know by the end of the year. Challenge your child to learn at least 3 of these each week.