Delayed opening Monday 12th December

11th December 2022


Looking at the forecast and based on conditions today, we are planning some changes tomorrow.

Many staff will struggle to get to work whilst the weather remains freezing. This is likely to be the same for many of our families.

We are therefore cancelling breakfast club as the temperature in Launceston is forecast as -4 at 8a.m.

We are aiming to open the main school at 10am so pupils are to arrive from 10am.

The steps access will be open (and gritted) but the garden will be closed for access.

Pupils are to come straight in via the playground door/main entrance from 10am. There will be limited provision in the main hall until staff are able to safely travel in.

Please note, that from 10.30am the gates will be closed so please enter via the main entrance if after this time.

We will inform you ASAP if this changes.

There will be no after school wrap around care or after school clubs to allow staff time to travel home safely before it becomes dark and the weather conditions become colder, making driving more difficult.

Please do not worry if you cannot arrive on time tomorrow. Safety is the most important thing so only travel when it is safe to do so. However, please ring/leave an answerphone message if you are going to be later than 10am or your child is going to be absent.

Stay warm and take care.