About Us

Friends of Windmill Hill Academy

 We are very fortunate to have Friends that are an integral part of the school community. The Friends have already raised thousands of pounds which has been spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and the facilities in school in general.

But our Friends are about much more than just fundraising. The Friends exist to provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and children together socially in support of the school. It is fun too – as we are sure you will find out if you join us at one of the varied events throughout the school year.


Committee Members

Chair Person: Sherrille Paterson

Secretary: Nicola Olver

Treasurer: Judy Williams



Abby Bassett

Angela Mason

Fiona Chater

Donna Wheadon

Danielle Williams

Lisa Morris

Jeanette Noble

Dom Metcalfe

Kariss Holgarth

Kat Turnock

Kerry Shelford

Amy Sharpe

Sandra Pollard