Mr Smith

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs A Sharpe

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Pollard

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Who We Are - The Vision
Welcome to Year 3 at Windmill Hill Academy.
Our ethos is, for your child in our care, to experience an education that is enjoyable, creative and successful. Your child will be involved in a multitude of engaging experience. They will have the opportunity to explore and discover through role-play, investigations, manipulating equipment, experimenting with different mediums, to name but a few. We realise the importance of providing a safe learning environment, in which your child will flourish, that extends beyond the classroom walls. We will be donning wellies for trips to the woods, studying our surrounding community and taking educational trips, as a class and as a Key Stage. We aim for your child to be prepared to give things ago. To understand that sometimes things will be hard and in order to learn we sometimes get things wrong; whatever their short or long term aspirations may be, they have the resilience and tenacity to achieve them.