Farewell to Mrs Millard

28th April 2023


Today, we say farewell to Mrs Millard and wish her the best in her retirement.

We had a special part of our Celebration assembly today just for Mrs Millard.

A special poem was read to Mrs Millard by the Year 6s, cards were given by all year groups and so were gifts.

Mrs Millard has worked at Windmill Hill Academy for eleven years. She has mainly worked in Year 6 as a higher level teaching but has also worked in other classes as well as wearing many other hats including leading our successful Bowls team who have attended the Cornwall games on many occasions.

I thought I'd share the poem with you that was read in today's assembly which sums up Mrs Millard and the dedication she has shown to Windmill Hill over the years.

As some of you may have known, Mrs Millard has been unwell for part of this year. She is making a good recovery but has decided that the time is right for her retire. She is going to be moving with her family to Yorkshire. We thank her for all of her hard work and wish her the best of luck in her new adventure.

You will be missed Mrs Millard.

Mrs Millard

Mrs. Millard, dear Mrs. Millard,
For eleven years you've been with us strong,
Guiding us through each school year,
At Windmill Hill Academy where you belonged.

Working with Miss Young was always a treat,
And on the Bowls Club, you couldn't be beat.
Your skills on the green were legendary,
And your dedication, truly exemplary.

Your kindness and patience, unwavering,
Your care and support, beyond compare.
You've touched the lives of so many,
In school, on the green, everywhere.

Teaching classes during PPA,
You always went above and beyond.
Your creativity and expertise,
Helped us learn and respond.

You were a cherished member of the Friends,
Your passion for the school was always clear,
You worked tirelessly to improve our community,
And your efforts were truly sincere.

But now the time has come for you,
To step away and take a break.
To rest and enjoy your retirement,
And all the good things it will make.

Though we'll miss you dearly, Mrs. Millard,
As you move to Yorkshire and start anew.
We'll always remember the memories we shared,
At Windmill Hill Academy, with you.

So here's to you, our beloved TA,
Who worked with Miss Young side by side.
For eleven years you've been our guide,
May your retirement be filled with happiness,
As you embark on this new Yorkshire ride.