Miss Jones

Year F Teacher

Mrs Rutherford

Year F Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Who we are: The Vision

Welcome, to the Foundation Stage at Windmill Hill Academy.

Our ethos is for your child in our care, to experience an education that is enjoyable, creative and successful. Your child will engage in a number of different learning projects, that they will experience through enrichments and hands on experiences. Each project will start with a hook, and end with a purposeful outcome. Examples include, Medieval Banquets, County Shows and the appearance of Dragons Eggs. We see the environment for learning, as being within our school building, but also within our school site, Launceston local area and beyond. We provide children with many opportunities to learn within the community. We know that children learn in all weathers, and with the opportunity to put on a pair of wellies and appropriate clothing, the children in our setting, enjoy the experience of the outdoors. We don't know the future jobs your child will take on and lead, but we endeavour to provide a experience that will teach them the skills to take into their future lives. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the team.

Year F Team