Go Cornish

At Windmill Hill Academy, we are ‘Inspiring Passionate Lifelong Learners’ by providing them with a broad and balanced curriculum to inspire and motivate pupils to have high aspirations; provide them with the tools to become assessment-capable learners and be socially responsible within the school and wider community.

Go Cornish – Akademi Bre Melin Wyns

Here at Akademi Bre Melin Wyns (Windmill Hill Academy), we are proud to have signed-up for the ‘Go Cornish’ award scheme.


We want everyone to enjoy their own sense of Cornishness and to feel part of our unique Cornish language. ‘Omlowenhe gans Kernewek!’ (“Have fun with Cornish”!)


As part of the Go Cornish programme, our children and staff are learning and celebrating the Cornish language. We are only just starting so please don't worry if you haven't heard anything yet!


Look out for photos of our Cornish language activities, games and craft sessions here!

 We have completed a survey to find out how much Cornish we already know and are currently working on putting bilingual signs up around the school. Watch this space!