If you have immediate concerns or are worried about a child or young person's safety, please telephone the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116.
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Multi-Agency Referral Unit (MARU)

The MARU provides a multi-disciplinary response to concerns about the welfare or safety of a child or young person in line with statutory guidance from Our Safeguarding Children Partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

The multi-disciplinary team also provides advice and guidance to parents and professionals about the wide range of services available to children and families in Cornwall.


For further information on child protection and safeguarding, please visit:



Early Help
What is the Early Help Hub?
The ‘front door’ to Early Help services led by Cornwall Council and Cornwall Foundation Trust. Staff within the Early Help Hub will decide whether the child / young person is eligible for support and which service is most appropriate. This is usually in discussion with the person making the request and / or young person / family.
Who is eligible for Early Help services?
Children and young people who are aged pre-birth to 18. If a young person has a special educational need or disability, who have a need for early help care and support, this is extended up to age 25.
Who can request Early Help services? Professionals, parents and young people can request early help. Parents/carers must have Parental Responsibility (PR) if requesting a service for a child. Young people must be old enough to consent for support themselves (aged 13 or above).
For more information, visit: Early help - Cornwall Council

Adverse Childhood Experiences

This is "Adverse Childhood Experiences (English)" by on Vimeo.

NSPCC Visits

The NSPCC visits Windmill Hill Academy every three years and delivers their Speak out. Stay safe. assembly to share information with your child about how they can keep themselves safe from harm and get help if they have any worries.

It was a very worthwhile and empowering session for both pupils and teachers. They speak to the children and staff about the valuable work they do across the country, and talk about how important it is for everyone in our school community to join them in their ‘fight for every childhood’.


Talking PANTS with your children

The NSPCC’s work in schools will help encourage conversations about staying safe – and they have a number of child-friendly materials to help you carry on the conversation afterwards. That includes ‘Talk PANTS’, a simple way for parents to help keep children safe from sexual abuse.

The guide uses the rules of PANTS to teach children that their body belongs to them and them alone.

You can find out more and download the free resources at

If you’d like to know more about the NSPCC’s work, or take a look at the wide range of information and advice which is available for parents and carers, please visit their website

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How can I keep my child safe?
From 'Our Safeguarding Children’s Board'. A link has been addedto the OSCP website on the 'How can I helpkeep my child safe?'page for parents and carers click here:
CE the Signs – Child Exploitation Campaign

Exploited children and young people may not look like they’re being exploited. They may not seem vulnerable and they might not behave like victims. But exploitation, whether it’s criminal or sexual, poses a real threat to the lives of children and young people across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and must be stopped.

If we all learn to #CEtheSigns of child exploitation, we can work together to protect them from harm and stop this abuse from happening in the first place.

If you see something that doesn’t look right, it might not be. So, please: learn the signs of exploitation and report any concerns today.

If you have immediate concerns about a child or young person’s safety, please telephone the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116 or speak to the police.

If you are located on the Isles of Scilly, please telephone the Children’s Social Care Team on 01720 424483.For Out of Hours enquiries call 01720 422699.

If the situation is an emergency, please dial 999 and speak to the police.

For more information, visit:
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Online Safety
For more information on Online Safety, please follow the link to our designated page: Welcome to Windmill Hill Academy (
Mental Health
For more information about Wellbeing, please visit our designated page: Welcome to Windmill Hill Academy (
'The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders have established a culture of vigilance. Staff report any concerns they have about pupils' welfare, however small. Leaders act upon these swiftly. They produce follow up actions and record these. They work with a variety of agencies to ensure pupils get the support they need.'
'Leaders make thorough recruitment checks before appointing staff.'
(Ofsted, December 2022)