Miss Osborne

Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Hazuchova

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Who We Are - The Vision
A warm welcome into Year 5 to all parents, old and new!

Please take time to read this and if you have any queries regarding the information then you are very welcome to pop in and see me.

Year 5 will be a great year as your children prepare for Year 6. We aim to make it an enjoyable experience for them even though it will be a hard working year, with all the changes in the curriculum. We have high expectations of every child in the class and we will develop their knowledge, independence and maturity in order for all of them to succeed. The children themselves will be expected to take a key role in their learning experience and all of this will prepare them for their final years in primary school education. 

At the end of a hard working year, we are confident that all of them will have grown into mature and responsible children who are well prepared for the final stage in their primary education.