Outdoor Learning

At Windmill Hill Academy, we inspire pupils to be passionate lifelong learners by providing them with an ambitious broad and balanced curriculum, with the inclusion of a variety of enrichments, which will inspire them to have high aspirations. We inspire all learners to have strong desire to know or learn something and questioning their learning experiences to find out more. Throughout each year group and across the curriculum, pupils will make sustained progress, develop excellent knowledge, understanding and skills, regardless of their different starting points and backgrounds.
We deliver as much of our curriculum as we can outdoors. Wild Tribe is a chance for your child to experience nature and the outdoor environment in a safe and secure but hands-on way. It gives them the chance to relax and develop confidence whilst allowing carefully managed risks. They learn many practical skills but, more importantly, they also learn social skills, team-working and responsible risk taking.
Below is a leaflet explaining Wild Tribe:
Three of our teachers are now accredited.
All sessions are thoroughly risk assessed.
We have a high ratio of adults to children during Wild Tribe sessions so, if you are able to help with Wild Tribe/Outdoor Learning sessions, please speak to a member of your child's class team.