Class Dojo

We have now been using Class Dojo really successfully for the last few years. It is a great communication tool for parents. Not only is it a great communication tool, it also gives you an insight into your child's learning and house team points as well as supporting our sustainability action plan.

Here are a few reminders of how to get the most out of using our school communication tool.


Connecting to ClassDojo:

Once your child has been enrolled at our school and you have completed and returned the necessary paperwork with ClassDojo permission, you will be set up at a user linked to your child's account. Please note, you can have more than one parent/carer linked to one account so please let us know. 

We connect our Reception new starters to ClassDojo in the Summer term once their place has been accepted and the necessary paperwork is completed and returned. This helps to keep you updated with all of the transition arrangements.


House team points:

You will be able to see your child's ClassDojo points which have been rewarded in line with our behaviour policy. These points are then converted to House Team points which contributes to our whole school points system. Please note, you will only be able to see your child(ren's) ClassDojo points.


Class Story/School Story:

Your child’s class teacher will regularly share whole class learning and achievements on the Class Story.  On the whole School Story, you may see posts from other teachers regarding whole school events.  We advise you check these daily as important updates are posted here e.g. trip arrangements, sports days, items children need to bring to school etc. 

We welcome likes and comments on any of the posts on the stories.  If you wish to express a concern or are unhappy with any of the posts, please message the teacher directly to arrange a face to face meeting so we can resolve your concern.



Your child’s portfolio is an amazing way to share your child’s learning in school.  

As a parent, you can share photos and videos of what your child has been doing at home with your child’s class teacher.  This can be anything from homework to a family outing or something achieved in a sporting club, etc.  Teachers absolutely love to receive these and often reward the children Dojo points for sharing!



Please note, we do not use the messaging system on ClassDojo. We feel it is much better to speak in person or over the phone and we don't want to miss any important messages, e.g. attendance.


We thank you for your help and support in maintaining great communication between home and school.