We will report your child’s progress using the ‘Assessment without levels’ system. The expectation is that the majority of children should be working at the ‘expected’ standard for their current year group by the end of the year. You will be notified of your child’s progress during the Autumn and Spring term Parents’ meetings and on your child’s end of year report.


Formal Assessments

Children in each year group will complete termly assessments. It is important to remember that these are used to inform and support ongoing teacher assessments and that all of their work contributes to their overall result. We do our best to make the children feel at ease during this time. 


Spelling and Multiplication

Children will also receive regular multiplication and spelling assessments. Spelling assessments will be based on the Y5/6 statutory words and spelling focuses for Year 5. By the time children start Year 5, they should already know all of their multiplication tables but regular multiplication and division tables assessment will continue and support given to those who are still not confident with them.

Fluency of multiplication and division tables are essential for the Y5 curriculum. Please support at home through regular practice of these.