Curriculum Information

We strive to ensure that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum that includes plenty of exciting learning opportunities to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. The project overview (below) will give you a picture of the learning planned for this half term. The children in Key Stage One will be taught Maths, Reading and Writing appropriate to the abilities in their own class. Children will also have daily handwriting lessons using the school’s cursive handwriting scheme.



As a school, we are working towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award. This means that we actively discuss the children's rights with them and how this relates to how we behave. See our behaviour policy for more information.  


Visible Learning

One area that we will be keeping you informed about this year is our 'Visible Learning' journey. Pupils are now familiar with the 'learning sails' which contribute to making a good learner.

They are:

  • resilience and tenacity
  • brave
  • curiosity
  • connect
  • self-aware
  • reflect
Please take the opportunity to ask your child what these mean and when they have demonstrated them.


Phonics/spelling will be taught on a daily basis. The emphasis will be on applying their phonic knowledge in reading and writing. Below is a list of the spellings that the children must know by the end of the year. Challenge your child to learn at least 3 of these each week. In Spring 2, we will have weekly spelling tests focusing on the spelling rules we have learnt. 


Class Enrichment

The children in Key Stage One will be engaged in enrichment activities this year in order to support their learning. Each term, the Key Stage One team will plan opportunities that best match the learning in the classroom. This may include: enrichment/themed days.



Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit at all times. PE kits will be sent home on a Friday to be washed and will be needed again on Monday. All items, including the bag, need to be labelled. In Year Two for this half term, PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Rebellion and Invasion- Autumn 1 
Natural Elements- Autumn 2 
Civilisation and British Values- Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I 
Environmental- Rainforests 
Discoveries- The First Aeroplane Flight 
Culture- Seaside towns (June 2021-July 2021)