Curriculum Information


At Windmill Hill Academy, we are ‘Inspiring Passionate Lifelong Learners’ by providing them with a broad and balanced to inspire and motivate pupils to have high aspirations; provide them with the tools to become assessment-capable learners; and be socially responsible within the school and wider community.

To keep you updated and informed, you will receive parental overviews at the start of each half term. These will outline our new learning, including our history and geography which will be linked to our whole-school learning concept. The project overviews, class timetable, knowledge organisers and home-learning menus are also available for you to view on both our website and class dojo.



Carnyorth residential will be taking place from 23rd to the 25th of May. Please see the separate Carnyorth page.

Spring 1
Civilisation and British Values 
Natural Elements - Earth Wind and Water
Autumn 1 2022 : Rebellion and Invasion
What's coming up?
Summer 2: Culture
Summer 1 - Discoveries
Environment - Spring 2