Curriculum Information

We strive to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that will build upon their prior learning and equip them for the challenges ahead. The attached overviews will offer an overview of the learning that will be covered during the term and some hints on some things that they could do at home. Children will be receive a broad and rich curriculum covering a range of subjects and Learning Concepts: Rebellion and Invasion, Natural Elements, Civilisation, Environmental, Discoveries and Culture.   
There will be two sessions of P.E a week; it is essential that your child always has their P.E kit in school. It should be brought in on a Monday morning and can be taken home on Friday to be washed, ready for the following Monday. P.E kits should consist of :
  • T-shirt, preferably white
  • Shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Change of shoes suitable for P.E. activities
  • Hair band for children with long hair (boys and girls)
We hope to swim in the Summer term depending on C-19 guidance and the opening of Launceston Leisure Centre.

Due to Covid -19, it is very unlikely that Carnyorth 2021 will take place. A final decision will be taken in January 2021. We will let parents and carers know as soon as a decision has been made.


Rebellion and Invasion
Summer 1 - Discoveries
Environment - Spring 2
Civilisation and British Values
Natural Elements - Earth Wind and Water