Showing our respect for the passing of our wonderful Queen, Queen Elizabeth II

9th September 2022


Before we had our celebration assembly this morning, we had an assembly together to show our respects to our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, and celebrated her wonderful life.

On this sad day, we remembered together an extraordinary person – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – whom all of us have known of throughout our lives. Not only was she our Queen, our sovereign, she was also someone who believed that leadership meant dedicating her life to the service of others.

We watched an episode from Newsround which was a perfect tribute to the Queen showing her dedication to our country. We also watched a reel of 96 years photos of the Queen through her years. This can be viewed via:

We then listened to our poem and I thought I'd share it with you:

Phillip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
as I whispered that "I know"
I then turned and looked behind me,
and seen I was asleep.
All my Family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.
I gently touched each shoulder,
with Phillip by my side.

Then I turned away and walked,
with My Angel guide.
Phillip held my hand,
as he led the way,
to a world where King's and Queens,
are Monarch's every day.

I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.

I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the people’s friend.

Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above.

Written by Joanne Boyle