Visible Learning in Action at Home

Visible Learning At A Distance
Despite COVID-19 school closures in the summer term, and the move to remote learning, the pupils at Windmill Hill Academy continued to demonstrate their learning sails.
These are:
  • Reflection  - We ask all learners to give thought or consideration on their learning. 
  • Self-awareness - We encourage learners to know where they are with their learning and their next steps.
  • Curiosity - We inspire all learners to have strong desire to know or learn something, questioning their learning experiences to find out more.
  • Resilience and Tenacity  - We promote the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or challenge. We encourage all to be very determined and show determination despite the challenge.
  • Connect  - We promote learning where connections can be made, where children can relate new and old learning.
Visible Learning in Action at Home
Pupils from across all classes have been utilising their learning sails to help them with their home learning.
From accepting feedback given by their class teacher and using it to further improve their writing to demonstrating curiosity about their learning and using this to gain a deeper understanding. Just look at some of the examples!
We are very proud of our pupils and look forward to seeing this 'Visible Learning' continue.