Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS)

In order to develop children’s fluency in mathematics, we ask that they learn 'Key Instant Recall Facts' (KIRFS) each half term.
KIRFS are designed to support development of fluency in maths skills that underpin much of the maths learning in school. They are particularly useful when, calculating, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. They contain number facts such as number bonds and times tables that need constant practise and rehearsal, so that children can recall them quickly and accurately, as well as learning to tell the time.
Instant recall facts help enormously with mental maths in lessons. When children move to written calculations, knowing these key facts is vital. In order for pupils to become more efficient in recalling them easily, they need to be practised frequently for short periods of time. We encourage children to practise these at least three times a week at home. Please see the Top Tips.
There are also some helpful website such as: Mental Maths Tests and Games ( and Conker Maths - Conker KIRFs - Number Problems and don’t forget Times Table Rockstars Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (
The secret to success is little and often! Use time wisely:
• Perhaps practise as you are walking to school or during a car journey?
• No need to practise all to once – try having a fact a day.
Throughout the half term, the KIRFS will also be practised regularly and in short bursts in school and class teachers will assess whether they have been retained. Over their time at Primary School, we believe that – if KIRFS are developed fully – children will be more confident when working with number, understand its relevance, and be able to access the curriculum much more easily. They will be able to apply what they have learnt to a wide range of problems that confront us regularly.
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