School Correspondence


A few weeks ago I posted a copy of WHA's Contingency plan. This is in relation to home learning should a ‘bubble’ be closed temporarily or should your child be at home isolating but not unwell for 14 days.

We are currently in the process of finalising a remote learning policy which I will share with you once confirmed by the Trust.

One piece of software (Government approved and funded) we have adopted and staff are having training on is Microsoft Teams. ClassDojo has proved to be a successful tool (and we will keep) but Microsoft Teams allows us to do much more. One of the features it would allow us to provide is an element of is live and interactive lessons. If a class bubble were asked to self-isolate, not only would staff provide weekly learning grids and pre-recorded videos (as before), there would be an added bonus of short live lessons.

You will notice that over the next week (before half term) your child will come home with a label in their reading record. This will include log in details for Microsoft Teams. Each child will have a log in and a team that they have been included within (their class team). Microsoft Teams can be accessed via the website but performs much better via the APP (downloaded to a computer/laptop/tablet/phone). We are asking that you practice logging into Microsoft Teams and make sure you can all access. For the older children, we will be getting them to practise accessing independently in school so they are familiar with the process.

In school, we are also going to practise as a class, logging into live sessions, e.g. assemblies with other classes, in order to become more familiar with it (staff and pupils included!).

After half term, you may find that your child's class teacher starts posting their homework on there to practise using the system. We ask that you have a go at submitting their homework on there as this is a function that we would use for submitting their remote learning in the event of a closure.

We will still use ClassDojo but more as a communication tool instead of teachers posting learning and parents submitting their child's learning. For example, staff posting notifications for the whole school or messaging parents using the messaging facility.

Once familiar, you will find that Teams will be easier to navigate your way around it in terms of remote learning due to it being all in one place for each child.

We have produced a protocol that must be adhered to by all pupils and parents. Please take the time to read through it.

Again, we appreciate your support in these challenging and uncertain times.
Kind regards,

Mrs Bassett.