Home Learning


In Year 3, the children will be given half termly homework sheets. This will usually take the form of a topic, English or maths based question; often a choice will be given. It is up to the children to decide on how to demonstrate their understanding of the activity i.e. text, pictures, photography, collecting samples. We appreciate the demands of school, so we will do our best to make homework rewarding and fun. We expect the children to spend no more than 15-20 mins per evening doing the work. 


Reading remains an integral part of learning and we ask for your continued support in listening to your child read. They have a home-reader, a reading record and a reading menu. We also ask that they make use of the school library to choose books that they enjoy and encourage them to read any material from home or the public library. Please record reading from any material in their reading record; this is checked weekly and they are awarded team points. Children will be changing their home-readers at least once a week and need to select and complete a task from the activity sheet before doing so. Those changing their books on a more regular basis only need to choose a task once every one or two weeks, if at all; we would rather they spend as much time as possible reading.

If you can spare any time to listen to readers, please come in and see us; it will be greatly appreciated.


Children in Year 3 begin learning the statutory spellings for Years 3 and 4 and as such a smaller list will be given out to your child. However the full list will be sent home and children can practice these throughout the year. When they have learnt these spellings and demonstrated this they will then be given the next smaller list to learn. This will have some of the previous spellings to help consolidate them and a set of new spellings to learn.