Curriculum Information

Curriculum Information

Children in Year F follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children learn through many creative and practical experiences. There is a balance of adult lead and child initiated learning.The foundation stage curriculum is divided into 7 areas -
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
  • Communication and Language,
  • Physical Development,
  • Literacy,
  • Mathematics,
  • Expressive Arts and Design,
  • Understanding the World. 
We plan our curriculum around themes which are chosen either by the class teacher or children and their interests. Children's learning is monitored and assessed through carefully planned observations during adult led and child led activities. This informs the adults of the next steps in your child's learning. As the year progresses the nature of the learning becomes more structured and formal, with a focus on English and Maths in preparation for Year One.

If you would like to know more about the foundation stage curriculum visit -

As a school, we are working towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award. This means that we actively discuss the children's rights with them and how this relates to how we behave. See our behaviour policy for more information.


Visible Learning

One area that we will be keeping you informed about this year is our Visible Learning journey. Our aim is to help develop pupil’s understanding of their own learning and of how to become more efficient learners. So, if your child comes home and tells you they have been in ‘The Learning Pit,’ don’t panic, it is all part of their learning.

As the year progresses, pupils will become familiar with the 'learning sails' which contribute to making a good learner.


They are:

  • Reflect
  • Self-Aware
  • Curiosity
  • Resilience and Tenacity
  • Connect


Please take the opportunity to ask your child what these mean and when they have demonstrated them. But please remember that the children in Year F are in the early stages of this process so are just starting out on the journey. 

Continuous Provision in Class F

These documents explain what you might expect to see on a standard day in the Early Years Foundation Stage classroom. It provides links to the Development Matters (2012) which is the framework we base our curriculum provision around. The Development Matters helps practitioners to support children’s learning and development, by closely matching what they provide to a child’s current needs. Provision is made through ongoing assessment of children which feeds into their Learning Journey.
Phonics and Reading

Each day children are taught a discrete 20 minutes phonics session. Phonics is where children are taught letter sounds to help them with their reading and spelling. Please look at for more information.

Children in Year F currently have their PE session on a Friday Morning. Please can children have a name labelled PE kit and bag in school.
Wild Tribe
Wild Tribe outdoor learning sessions take place soon. Can you please ensure your child has old clothes and wellington boots in school for these sessions. We will inform you in more detail closer to the time. 

Topic Overview