Curriculum Information

We strive to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that will build upon their prior learning and equip them for the challenges ahead. The above mind maps will offer an overview of the learning that will be covered during the term. Children will be taught English, Maths and Reading at an age expected level. There will also be daily spelling and grammar work. 
We will have two sessions of P.E a week so it is essential that your child always has their P.E. kit in school. It should be brought in on Monday morning and can be taken home on Friday to be washed, ready for the following Monday. P.E kit should consist of :
  • T-shirt, preferably white
  • Shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Change of shoes suitable for P.E. activities
  • Hair band for children with long hair (boys and girls)
Swimming kit should be brought in when it is our swimming sessions.

Wild Tribe (Outdoor Learning)

During this half term we will be going to Windmill Woods for Wild Tribe activities. Children will need old clothes, including wellies and coats. It is essential that they have their school uniform to change into. Letters will go out with more information.


The year will draw to a close with our class residential to Carnyorth. This will take place in May but more details to follow. We hope that this will be a wonderful way to round off their year.

Please feel free to come and see me if ever you have any questions or concerns.


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