Home Learning


We encourage you to support your child daily with their reading and their phonics. Please do make a comment in your child’s reading record as this is very valuable to us. Here are some examples of the sorts of comments you may make:

- Wonderful! John made extremely good attempts at sounding out unfamiliar words.

- Anne really enjoyed this book set by the sea. It reminded her of the Lighthouse Keeper books which we have read at home.

- Particularly enjoyed reading this book and looking at the illustrations.

- John has read more books by the same author at home.

- Very little help needed today. Remembered many of the letter sounds and read lots of words independently.

- It was such a pleasure to listen to Jane read. She was able to identify and read the words independently.

- He spotted a full stop!

- Fluent and confident, showing enthusiasm and enjoyment.

- Confused "b" and "d" sounds at the beginning of the word "dig" but self-corrected when read within the context of the sentence.


You will notice that your child has a sheet of questions (age-appropriate) in the back of their reading record. In addition to the comments made above in regards to decoding and fluency, we want to develop comprehension. Therefore, we encourage you/your child to regularly (once/twice a week) choose a question, stick it in the next available space in the reading record, discuss it and for you/your child to write an answer in their reading record.



Children will continue to have access to Sound/Spelling Packs, to support them with their phonics/spelling learning at home. The activities and games are linked to phonics/spelling play and the age appropriate phonics/spelling. Your child has access to this great website as well as Bug Club EBooks. The login details for both websites can be found in your child’s reading record.

Sound packs will be changed on a fortnightly basis. You are encouraged to make a note/comment in your child’s homework book on how they got on with the Sound pack. Please make sure all packs are returned as you were given them, e.g. equipment included, wiped clean etc.


All children now have access to MyMaths so they have the opportunity to complete maths activities which are set each week. Login details can be found in your child’s reading record. We will be no longer sending home Maths packs in Year 1 and 2 as they have access to MyMaths. However, if you are unable to access this website at home, Maths packs are available for you to take home. Please ask a member of staff in your child’s class if you require them.

Here are some other great websites to use:

Concept Activities

Your child has the opportunity to complete activities linked to their current concept, if they wish. Below is a menu for them to choose from. They may choose as few or as many as they want to complete. If they do complete any of the concept activities this half term, please can your child bring them in on the date listed on the homework menu.