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At Windmill Hill Academy we all believe that Primary Education is an important stage in any child's life. Their experience at our school will lay the foundation for all their future learning and we strive to give every child the best start possible in their school careers.

This, of course, is dependent on many factors and one of the most important of these is the relationship and partnership between home and school. I hope we will work closely together throughout your child's time with us and that you will always feel welcome in school. There are many ways in which you can become involved in the life of the school and I hope you will feel part of our school community.

We make every effort to keep parents informed of all the relevant areas of school life affecting their child, through newsletters, circulars, forums, meetings workshops and parental consultation evenings. Please, never hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns about your child's life in school. Your child's teacher or I will always be happy to talk to you at a mutually convenient time.

I very much look forward to a happy and productive relationship with you over the coming years.
Best wishes,
Head of School Mr A Terry
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