Unit 5.4 - We Are Web Developers - Creating A Website About Online Safety

In creating their website, pupils exploit the opportunities the internet and the web offer for collaboration.
In researching their pages, pupils use search technologies, and become more expert in doing so effectively. They also learn about the algorithms search engines use to select and rank results. In considering the sources they use, and in reviewing one another’s work, pupils become more discerning in evaluating digital content.
Pupils use web-based software to create digital content for a purpose, in this case collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting information.
Pupils learn about acceptable behaviour when using collaborative tools, and recognise how to use shared systems safely and responsibly.
Step 1: Planning the website
How the Page Rank algorithm works 
How Search Works
Step 2: Learning how Search works
Step 3: Curating website content
Step 4: Adding media to the website
Step 5: Reviewing and improving the website
Step 6: Publishing the website
Badges available at the end of this unit