Unit 5.3 We Are Artists - Fusing Geometry and Art

Pupils use a variety of software (vector graphics, turtle graphics and terrain rendering tools) to design and create digital content, in this case geometric art. This art can be seen as presenting information. The pupils can compare the simplicity of the instructions with the complexity of the images, and consider how the algorithms achieve effects.

The turtle graphics work in this unit provides another opportunity for the pupils to develop their programming skills, drawing on sequence and repetition ideas, as well as logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking and debugging, which the pupils will be familiar with from other programming work.

Step 1: Creating simple tessellations using Inkscape
Step 2: Creating more complex tessellations using Inkscape
Step 3: Programming Islamic-style art in Scratch
Step 4: Using Inkscape to create art in the later style of Bridget Riley
Step 5: Using Inkscape to create art in the early style of Bridget Riley
Step 6: Creating computer-generated landscapes in Terragen Classic