Unit 4.4 We Are HTML Editors - Editing and Writing HTML

The internet is a global network of computers, connected together by copper wires, optical fibres, wireless networks and satellites. Among other things, the internet allows a web browser on one computer to access, display and interact with documents (web pages) stored on other computers connected to it (web servers).
Web pages are written in HTML, which defines the structure of a document (i.e. headings and paragraphs) and uses ‘tags’ to show the function of media on the page, e.g. a link or the address of a picture. The HTML is transmitted using a standard protocol (HTTP). The packets of HTTP data that move between web servers contain the information that allows us to read, view, communicate and collaborate via the web. Not everything on the web is good, healthy or helpful, and so care is needed to ensure it’s used safely, respectfully and responsibly. Children need to know how to report any concerns they have or unacceptable behaviour they encounter.
Step 1 - Learning About The Web
Step 2 - Editing HTML in Web Pages
Step 3 - First Steps With HTML
Step 4 - An HTML Project
Step 5 - Making A New Web Page
Step 6 - Developing And Refining
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