Unit 4.3 - We Are Musicians - Producing digital music

This unit has a strong creative focus, with pupils developing digital content, in this case a musical composition. The pupils combine a variety of software to achieve this, most obviously Audacity® and LMMS. The pupils might also use other digital devices such as tablets or audio recorders.

The audio files the pupils record, process and export are just one form of information that can be collected and presented using a computer.

The pupils work with a range of input devices, including sequencing software and midi instruments and/or tablets, if available, to create their own original composition. They use an audio editor to create their final mix, which is exported in a standard compressed format.
Step 1: Introduction
YouTube clips of relevant compositions/projects
Step 2: Making a start with sequencing
Step 3: Recording samples

Step 4: Working with samples

Step 5: Reviewing our work
Step 6: Performance
Badges available at the end of this unit

Curriculum Links  for Unit 3.1—steps 1-6