Unit 3.2 - We Are Bug Fixers - Finding and correcting bugs in programs

Much of the work, and fun, in programming lies in spotting and correcting mistakes, known as ‘bugs’. The process of finding and fixing bugs is called ‘debugging’. In this unit, the children will debug programs that accomplish specific goals.

The more complex a program is, the more likely bugs are to occur. Debugging and developing others’ projects is a great way for pupils to use logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs. The example scripts provided for this unit make use of sequence, selection and repetition, variables and forms of input and output.
Step 1 - Spotting and correcting 'off by one' bugs
Three times table by Mrs Clark
Step 2 - Spotting and correcting performance bugs.
Draw a circle by Mrs Clark
Step 3 - Spotting and correcting multi-thread bugs
Knock, knock joke by Mrs Clark
Step 4 - Spotting and correcting conceptual bugs
Pong by Mrs Clark
Step 5 - Spotting and correcting arithmetical bugs
Division by Mrs Clark
Step 6 - Spotting and correcting resource bugs
Racing car by Mrs Clark
Badges available at the end of this unit

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