Unit 3.1 - We Are Programmers - Programming and animation

The animations the children write are simple programs with specific goals. The process of breaking a scene down into individual lines of dialogue and actions is solving a problem by decomposing it into smaller parts.

As the children write ordered instructions in their scripts, they’re making use of sequence in programs. Their projects combine graphics, text and sound, which are various forms of output.
Encourage the children to think through the steps of their animation carefully, so that they start to use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work.

As the children work to debug their scripts, encourage them to use logical reasoning to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs, rather than taking a trial and error approach.
Step 1 - Learning about Animation
Step 2 - Creating a Storyboard
Step 3 - Creating characters and a background
Step 4 -  Starting to animate the characters
Step 5 - Adding sound to the animations
Step 6 - Reviewing and improving the animations
Badges available at the end of this unit

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