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Art & Creativity Enrichment Day
A group of 14 pupils from St Stephens, Windmill Hill and a pupil from the ARB enjoyed an enrichment day at Plymouth Marine Aquarium, experiencing aquatic art and design in the autumn term. We were very pleased to have Emma Smith a parent from Windmill Hill and a local artist, to join the group and support the pupils with their art development on the day. All pupils brought their sketchbooks to record their observations and used them to review and revisit ideas. They learnt to take risks in their sketchbooks i.e. using them as a place for experimenting, recording ideas and for learning how to draw. The value of annotation in their sketchbooks was discussed and will be used as a vital tool for remembering finer details in future / follow up work. Pupils were beginning to understand the value of keeping sketchbooks and adding annotation to their drawings. The pupils were inspired by the beauty, colour, pattern and variety of form and texture found in the marine animals on display. They were able to experience drawing living, moving marine animals, learning more about the structure of the animals as a result of focussed observation. They experienced colours and patterns in unusual combinations through drawing the animals. They had plenty of time sitting in front of the Aquarium exhibits to practise drawing. Tips were provided on how to draw moving animals in an aquarium setting as they don’t stay still for long! Observation and the use of line and tonal drawing was used to aid understanding of animal structure. Through observation and noting of colour, pattern and use of a variety of shapes and textures, the pupils experienced the unusual combinations of colour in marine animals. For the last part of the day, the pupils designed their own sea creature on large sheets of paper, using the skills and techniques learnt in the morning. Pupils worked in groups to sketch, annotate and cover their marine animal with different media, incorporating some of the observations of the weird & wonderful creatures they observed in the coral seas and displays. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable day and hopefully will be applying the techniques learnt in their own art work and back in school. A display will be completed in each school to showcase some of the artwork and photos from the day at the aquarium. A selection of photos is also displayed as a slide show on the website. Mrs Bartlett Gifted and Talented Leader